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PVC Casing Pipes

Replace all those ERW, MS, GI, Asbestos, Cement and Stainless Steel Pipes with PVC Casing Pipes offered by us. The PVC Casing Pipes are a perfect choice when it comes to distribution of hard water like the chemically aggressive, salty, or sandy water. PVC Casing Pipes, offered by us, is acclaimed for matchless features and easy installation. Owing to which, we have become one of the most sought-after Manufacturer and Supplier of PVC Casing Pipes throughout the country.

Installation Of PVC Casing Pipes
The PVC Casing Pipes can be transported, handled and installed very easily as they are quite light in weight. Go through our installation manual for proper installation.

Attributes Of PVC Casing Pipes
  • Made according to IS Specification i.e. 12818: 1992
  • Diminished hydraulic friction because of the smooth surface
  • Easy connectivity due to threaded and bell spigot ends
  • Ribbed screen pipes are ideal when external surface area of the bore-well casing pipe has to be extended. Ribs give about 25% of added surface area because of its unique design

Applications Of PVC Casing Pipes
  • Bore-well casing
  • Irrigation
  • Domestic
  • Industrial mining
  • Chemical distribution

  • Maximum ambient temperature 70oC
  • Maximum installation depth 250m for CM series and 80m for CS series
  • Installation : Vertical, Horizontal or Inclined